LiquidMaster 4k


The LiquidMaster 4K recipe control system is the brain of every production with high demands on accuracy, traceability and process reliability. The system was developed in cooperation with a world leader in recipe and production control to revolutionize the „mixing process“ in the e-cigarette industry.

The four basic ingredients, vegetable glycerin („VG“), propylene glycol („PG“), flavors and pure nicotine are automatically filled into a clearly identified vessel by the E-LiquidMaster and an operator using a recipe. The software used and the high-precision scale record this process and prepare a batch tracing. The fully automatic documentation includes the order-specific data, components of the recipe to the nearest gram, the associated batches, time of filling, bottling person, tolerance compliance. These are stored automatically and can be called up at any time.

Optionally, downstream process steps such as mixing, outgassing, resting time and filling can be included in the documentation via RFID chips.


  • Precise filling: perfect product composition to the nearest gram.
  • Recipe planning: Orders can be created in the office and are only processed on the machine.
  • Automated filling: Time saving, integration in filling processes.
  • Cleanliness: No more cleaning required.
  • Use of pure nicotine: Cost saving.
  • Recording the process: batch tracing, track and trace.
  • Error analysis: You always know which employee, when, what and where did something wrong.
  • Simplicity: Sensitive mixing process can be performed by each employee without errors.
  • At any time process documentation is available for the administrative offices.
  • Speed: Fills 25 kg per minute without any problems.
  • Flexibility: Compatible with IBC or tank systems.

Energy requirements
220 V
Pneumatic pressure
6 bar
Filling: Length x Width x Height: 120.31 x 90.35 x 180.90 cm
IBC Carrier: Length x Width x Height: 102.31 x 125.35 x 90.90 cm
The legitimate warranty period of one year applies. (Assuming instruction-compliant