Filling Maschine

Like the E-Liquid-Mixer, the E-Liquid filling line comes from a pharmacy technology concept.

With a maximum deviation of 0.5 percent of the basic volume, it produces between 1,000 and 5,000 E-Liquids per hour and ensures the handling of larger orders for relief in the day-to-day business.


Depending on the chosen configuration, the empty 10ml PET bottles of the filling unit are fed either manually or by means of an automatic bottle lifter. The filling unit consists of a total of three modules and production steps: the filling of the bottle, the fitting of the sealing cap and the screwing of the sealing cap. This is followed by the labeling unit, the automatic labelling of the bottles and an integrated collecting table for the finished products. In every production step, a combination of sensor technology and optical detection ensures a constant quality of the product. Deviating filling levels, oblique or missing labels as well as broken bottles or covers are a thing of the past.
All machines are produced using high quality stainless steel and plastic and meet the criteria of CE, GMP of food and pharmaceutical production.


Our range includes everything you need for the B2B and B2C business. Mixing and filling systems as well as labels and the packaging. You will also be able to receive aromas and bases for the production for your own liquid and ready-made E-Liquids. Of course, we also distribute the necessary hardware for the end customer.


Take advantage of our services. We can help you creating your product in various steps such as mixing, filling, labeling and packaging. We are also for disposal in case of installation, maintenance and repair of your own machines. We also offer analysis and laboratory services.