To enable the end user to actively choose a product that promotes responsible forest management, we only use FSC-certified products.

An appealing packaging helps to sell better your e-cigarettes and e-liquids. For this reason, InnoSteam offers you a comprehensive range of packaging solutions that not only look good, but also protect your product against transport damage, according to the guidelines. Benefit from our experience and create your individual packaging solution in a blink of an eye.

FSC-licenced products

The FSC trademarks are the basic communication tool for companies to show that their products meet the FSC's standard requirements when followed. They are a unique identification for FSC and FSC-certified products and they tell the consumer where the product comes from (well-managed forests / responsible sources / recycled materials) and convey the uniform and clear message that the product is made of materials that have been certified according to the FSC standards.


Carta Solida: Fully coated and bleached carton with a coated back (GC1), 270g/m or 295g/m. Carta Solida in particular stands for a pure, white look as well as ex­cellent haptic properties and serves as ideal Basis for lamination and other special procedures.

Recycling: Natural-colored carton made from recycled paper, 305g/m. Considering resource consumption, wastewater contamination and the need of water and energy, paper products made from recycled materi­als feature a significant better ecological balance sheet compared to paper products manufactured from primary fibers.

Round boxes

1pc standard

3pcs Clickbox

5pcs Clickbox

5pcs, 10pcs, 20pcs outer packings

Metal cans

Special fabrications

Hot stamping

Blind marks

And much more


Our range includes everything you need for the B2B and B2C business. Mixing and filling systems as well as labels and the packaging. You will also be able to receive aromas and bases for the production for your own liquid and ready-made E-Liquids. Of course, we also distribute the necessary hardware for the end customer.


Take advantage of our services. We can help you creating your product in various steps such as mixing, filling, labeling and packaging. We are also for disposal in case of installation, maintenance and repair of your own machines. We also offer analysis and laboratory services.