The Kiaro! is a breakthrough new inkjet printer that combines excellent print quality with high-speed label printing and low total cost of ownership over its entire service life. The Kiaro! directly prints labels in professional quality at an attractive cost per piece.


Flexibility at low cost
Reduce your expensive inventory of pre-printed labels! Instead of storing pre-printed labels until they are outdated, you can print out your own labels in digital form as needed. They keep costs under control by just printing what is needed, and only spending money when you actually print.

Fast label printing without waste
Up to 12 m / min (50-200 mm / s) with the possibility to print a label and tear it down without causing a break or blank label

Perfect colors
Lush colors, high resolution of 1200 dpi and a strict register integrity of labels, are compatible with the Kiaro! playfully, without changing graphics or buying print plates.

Maintaining Quality
The Kiaro! provides a brilliant in-job cleaning process: the print job is interrupted, the printer cleans itself, and then continues printing excellent labels.

Kiaro! Label printer - always the right printer for your application

Water-based inks for the highest print quality

High consistency in nearly all application fields

Includes a license for the Custom QuickLabel software for label creation and print management

Windows drivers

Free 1-day training for 1-2 people (Location: Rodgau)

A starter set ink (115ml each for Kiaro and Kiaro 200)


Our range includes everything you need for the B2B and B2C business. Mixing and filling systems as well as labels and the packaging. You will also be able to receive aromas and bases for the production for your own liquid and ready-made E-Liquids. Of course, we also distribute the necessary hardware for the end customer.


Take advantage of our services. We can help you creating your product in various steps such as mixing, filling, labeling and packaging. We are also for disposal in case of installation, maintenance and repair of your own machines. We also offer analysis and laboratory services.